Love is just a word, until someone comes along and gives it meaning...

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Edwin + Marlenis

Downtown Houston


Sal + Johanna

Downtown Houston

Kenneth + Taylor

Museum District

Being engaged is such a happy and exciting time, and having pictures taken can be a wonderful way to preserve memories of this milestone in your forever journey together.

Furthermore, there are benefits to having an Engagement session, here are a few:

  • Get to know your photographer- Your wedding photographer is so much more than just a lens and a clicking shutter! This is a person who will be with you for HOURS on your wedding day, capturing intimate moments and special details, witnessing and recording one of the most significant and emotional days of your life. Let's face it, if you don't have a good rapport with your photographer, things have the potential to get pretty awkward. An engagement session allows you to spend productive time with your photographer. Use this opportunity to get to know them!
  • Grow more comfortable in front of the camera- So many people feel threatened by a camera pointed in their direction! If you're one of those people who goes stiff and awkward in front of the lens, don't fear! Once you have a chance to get used to being photographed and to relax into the process, you'll be amazed at how comfortable and natural you can feel! Having an engagement shoot gives you a chance to develop that comfort BEFORE your wedding day.
  • Express yourselves- An engagement session is a perfect opportunity to get beautiful, flattering photos taken of the two of you together just being your unique selves. This is your chance to capture your connection to one another and plan a session that is unique to the two of you.
  • Enjoy an unexpected bonding activity- Sometimes it can be hard to find time just for the two of you when you're not distracted by screens, crowds or errands. During your engagement shoot, you'll be a team, working together and focusing on one another ... in fact, your photos will turn out SO much better if the two of you really focus on the connection and love between you while you're being photographed.
  • Create portraits of the two of you in non-wedding attire- Your wedding portraits will be cherished forever, but having professional portraits of the two of you in more everyday clothing gives you additional images that you can use in so many different ways. Your wedding photos will be very clearly tied to that specific event, but your engagement photos can be super versatile!
  • You'll have photos to use for wedding stuff- This is probably the reason that leapt to your mind when you saw this post, and it's an important one! Save the date cards, thank you cards, a wedding website, a guest book ... all of these are important aspects of your wedding planning that will benefit SO much from beautiful engagement photos!

Zachary + Alexandrea


Gabino + Erica

Forrest near The Galleria

Uriel + Lizette

Downtown Houston

Jacob + Evelyn

Mission San Jose

Our goal is to make our clients' session unique and true to their love story; we can discuss any themes or you ideas you may have in mind.